Here isĀ  a list of all my current Birds Eye View and Instructional videos for sale.

New INSTRUCTIONAL Clarinet Overhaul DVD

This is a 4 hour DVD of a complete rebuild on a Clarinet including buffing the keys, installing pads and corks, final adjusting, and blow testing.

Clarinet Overhaul **special** for a limited time, introductory rate of 20% off

Birds Eye View Series

This is a series that I’ve been working on that show a Bird’s Eye View of me repairing the following instruments. These are not instructional and do not include narration.

- Saxophone
- Clarinet
- Flute
- Trumpet
- Oboe
- Bassoon
- Piccolo


- Set of 8 Birds Eye View of a Saxophone (all 8 Saxophone DVDs)
- Set of 5 Birds Eye View of a Clarinet (all 5 Clarinet DVDs)
- COMPLETE set of all 18 Birds Eye View DVDs


With Narration

I have had a lot of requests to add narration to my videos. This is the beginnings of the narrated collection. Please check back often for updates and added DVDs.

- Conn Trumpet Overhaul (With Narration)
- Artley Open Hole Flute (With Narration)
- C-Melody Saxophone (With Narration)
- Selmer MK VI Tenor Saxophone Repad (with Narration)
- Alto MK VI Alto Saxophone Repad (With Narration)


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